New Year Wishes…

As the old rolls out and comes the new
Hope it brings cheers and joy anew
Let the sorrows and hardships of the year last
Be long gone and something that’s left in the past

Usher in the new year with friends and family
Spread the happiness and celebrate ordinarily
A close gathering is best of the lot
Coz opulence and gaiety are soon forgot

Newer challenges and goals are that lie ahead
Chuck the failures and put them to bed
Cast your net afar and wide
The new decade will turn the tide

Be true to what you believe and cast away your fear
Rue not the sorrow that brought you a tear
Keep your friends close and so too your near and dear
Remember that I’ve penned this to wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2010 

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Birthday Wishes – September ‘09

Here’s wishing Rakesh, Gayatri, Deepthi C, Buchi Mavayya, Umesh, Bujji anna, Priya S, Ashutosh, Bibekananda, Srivatsava, Chitti atta, Jagadish and Kavita.

Have a great birthday everyone…and don’t forget to invite me for da party!!! and oh, Happy Teacher’s Day as well 🙂

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[Un]welcome Showers!

Calvin in the Rain

I’m confused! I don’t know whether to be happy that the rains have helped bring down the sweltering heat a little or to be angry that they managed to drench me and also were responsible for the no-power situation! In case you didn’t know yet…it rained today evening in Hyderabad…heavily…and there was no power until a few minutes ago!

Winding the clock a few hours back…I was bang in the middle of the road (on the divider, actually) on the busy JHCP – LVP road, with traffic flowing on either side when the heavens opened up! It was either risk-the-oncoming-vehicles-and-make-a-mad-dash-for-cover or stay-put-twiddle-your-thumbs-and-get-wet scenario. And to to make matters worse, the rain was getting heavier and so was the traffic flow! Throwing caution to the winds, I scampered back to office and sat around waiting for it to abate…and drafted this post [I can’t post images from there, so had to complete it from home].

P.S: That strip is just the sorta scenario I was in…as I was scampering back, a mischievous colleague remarked boasted how he’ll take a lift from the boss and thus can cosy up at home sooner than me 👿


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When will we get to see Angels & Demons?

May 1st has come and gone. The same can’t be said of the first summer blockbuster movie from Hollywood – X-Men Origins: Wolverine – which hasn’t found a release in India, as yet! With the Bollywood releases all held up due to the stand-off between the producers and the exhibitors, and Tollywood not yet coming out of the rut of crappy movies, movie-goers had only Hollywood releases to look forward to. Of course, movies such as The International and Milk found their way into the theatres but not into the must-watch lists of the audience!

I’m hoping against hope that the one movie I’m most looking forward to, will find a favourable release cometh the 15th of May. No prizes for guessing which one it is – Angels & Demons. Ron Howard’s adaptation of the Dan Brown novel by the same name, starring Tom Hanks, Ewan MacGregor & Ayelet Zurer. I’ve had the novel sitting on my shelf, unread, unseen and forgotten all this while. I only remembered it when I happened to catch the trailer of the movie some days back on the telly. Even then I didn’t pick it up to read coz I knew the movie would come out soon…so why bother with the book :mrgreen:

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CAT 2009 Goes Online, I’m still undecided

Well, its official now! The Common Admission Test (CAT), for admission into the elite Indian Institutes of Management will be a computer based test (CBT) from this year onwards. IIMB issued a press release to this effect yesterday:

The Common Admission Test (CAT) of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Kozhikode, Lucknow, and Shillong is going to be a Computer Based Test (CBT) from this year onwards. The test will be conducted in a window of about ten days sometime at the end of the calendar year. CBT CAT will be a candidate friendly test in terms of flexibility in the selection of test date, ease of registration process, better physical environment and test experience, and enhanced security in terms of biometric identification of candidates and video monitoring.

There have been reports about this from February itself, as the IIMs wanted to model CAT on the global tests such as GMAT, GRE & TOEFL and a high level committee was said to be evaluating the pros and cons of it. Evidently the pros outweighed the cons as the IIMs are going ahead with the paperless test from this year onwards.

I’m not sure whether this is a good move though! Firstly, there’s the ambiguity about whether it will be a test with a uniform level of difficulty or whether it will be one of varying complexity – you know, the next question will be decided on the response to the current one. Secondly, what will be the format? Same old 105/90 multiple-choice questions split into three sections each? Or some new-fangled stuff like essay questions etc? Timeframe? Same-day-test? Slots-booking with Prometric ETS (the official testing partner)? Cost? Of the application AND of the coaching? (I’m sure the latter’s gonna increase a lot!)

I guess all of those queries will be answered once the official CAT Notification is released later this summer. Let’s wait till then…

P.S: I’m still undecided whether to take this test this year! I’ve taken it four times, with two moderate successes, one abysmal failure and one oh-so-near-yet-so-far result but have been steadfastly keeping off it for the past three years. Well, one thing’s for sure…I won’t be having to buy new pencils this time :mrgreen:

More: Economic Times | PagalGuy Discussion| Press release courtesy CL

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