New Year Wishes

Wishing you all a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year! May 2012 not end as soon as the Mayans predicted… :mrgreen:

Happy New Year 2012

P.S: If you didn’t read my ‘Old’ New Year Poem yet, suggest you head over here and check it out.

3G Spectrum Auctions Done – Vodafone doesn’t get AP

The auctions for the 3G Spectrum across the various telecom circles in India concluded today with the Government garnering a whopping ~70,000 Crores in bids. A total of nine companies participated in the bidding for 3G spectrum – all of the biggies and the wannabes in the scorchingly growing Indian Telecom Market. But only seven came away with a grin, and a huge bill to foot!

3G Spectrum Bidders - Pic Courtesy

A clutch of 13 circles were bagged by Bharti Airtel and Aircel whereas 12 circles went to Reliance Communications. Idea Cellular got 10 circles, Vodafone and Tata Teleservices 9 each whilst STel got 3 circles. Etisalat DB and Videocon were left empty-handed.

However, due to the extremely high-profile nature of the circles it bagged, Bharti would have to shell out nearly Rs 12,300 crore for the 13 circles whereas Aircel, which also got 13 circles owes only around Rs 6,500 crore. Vodafone would pay approx. Rs 11,600 crore, Reliance Communications approx Rs 8,600 crore, Tata Teleservices approx. Rs 5,900 crore and Idea Rs 5,800 crore to pick up the 3G spectrum.

Paper of Fortune

So it happened that I was at Ming’s Court earlier today…you know, the speciality Chinese cuisine restaurant from the Ohri’s group, and once we finished our meal, they passed around few fortune cookies. Now I don’t believe in these fortune cookies/astrologers/palmists/parrot/tarot stuff but at my friend’s insistence, took up two of them (different coloured ones) and just out of curiosity, read them aloud:

“Your ingenuity and imagination will get results”

Ahem…I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but that actually sounded true :mrgreen: and was feeling quite smug about it…until the 2nd one was read aloud:

“An unexpected relationship will become permanent”

Whoosh! Bang! Crash! There came down the hope that these cookies were kinda good natured, if not really prophetic! Why otherwise would they contain such scary stuff? Any of you readers believe in this stuff and if yes, have they really been truthful? Do lemme know…

P.S: We were back to believing they were partly truthful when my friend read aloud his: “You are more likely to give in!” 😈

Wordpress’ Inbuilt URL Shortener – WP.ME

Just noticed a feature on my blog that I’m not sure if it has been there before or not! The feature in question is the WordPress In-built URL ShortenerWP.ME

And no, I’m not talking about the URL shortening of the kind that WP does with blog surfer – the one where post links are given as, the number after p usually the Post Id.

The one I noticed was built into the edit post page wherein one can edit the permalink of an older post. There is a new button there that will generate a new shortlink for your post – one in the form of

Nifty, no? Here’s how you can do it too…

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New Wordpress Smileys Vs. Older Ones

As mentioned in an earlier post, WordPress has changed their Smiley set. And there has been widespread criticism across the blogosphere, in some of the comments here, comments on other blogs and even on the WordPress Forums. I too was one of the early critics but it really doesn’t matter that much, does it?  Smileys are often used in informal and personal blogposts and the so-called “geeks” rarely use them.

I myself have used them on some of the posts, but the usage here pales in comparison to that on the discussion boards I frequent. Almost all of my posts are laden with these yellow characters and the one forum where I’m Admin, I constantly scour for new ones and update the database!

But there’s some good news for those who hate the newer crop of the yellow people on WordPress. Word on the Forums is that the WP team is discussing changing them and is even looking out for a smiley set that is GPL v2 compliant. So if you know of such a set (or have designed something like that), do drop in a word to WP Support.

Meanwhile, the below table shows the older WP smileys vis-a-vis the newer ones and the text required to generate’em on your posts (just remove the spaces). Continue reading

Unconnected II

Its wierd how when someone’s building something, that can play a major part in breaking something totally unrelated (Heck! Come to think of it, that’ sounds a lot like Software Engineering…build some, break something else 😈 )

Anyways, the building I was referring to was the construction work going on at the head of the street where I reside. In their eagerness to erect pillars, the construction workers had inhumanely slashed away all the non-electricity wires snaking through their airspace and poof! went my Internet and Cable connection…

Cut Cable

I was hoping (which later gave way to yelling at the repairmen) that it would be fixed by the weekend, but alas, the repairmen turned out to be more moronic than the workers. They simply “patched up” the wires and left them dangling just above the airspace of the second pillar! The result, it was gone again the next day! Of course, the fact that the connexions were all-too-similar to this, didn’t help either.

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