Off to the Ol’ Blighty

Just a quick note that I shall be away on business for a couple of weeks.

“Where to?”, I hear you ask…

London Collage. Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Well, I’m off to the Ol’ Blighty! Its a short and quick business trip with nary a time for looking at the wonderful sights all around 😦

Pity, I won’t be able to even get a glimpse of some of the EPL action. Ah, the travesty!

Late News: IRCTC sells Air Tickets too!


It’s been doing this since December 2009 but I came to know today itself! What, you ask?

Well, IRCTC (The Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation), the online ticketing provider for the Indian Railways has started its sub-portal, through which one can now buy Airline Tickets as well! And its not just to the fancy tourism n’ pilgrimage places. But to several of the minor and major cities in India.

The interface is a bit clunky and the search results are all cluttered together. And do they employ 15 year olds to do their html coding etc? Coz the results page is filled with blinking-AND-coloured-text! At least they don’t have that glittery trail following the cursor (my 1990’s Geocities page used to have that :mrgreen: )

If any of you peeps have booked air tickets through this AIR IRCTC website, do post in your experiences in the comments. Tx.

Mysore Mini Trip – Pics

The guys at WordPress are genuises! Otherwise how’d they figure out I had a bunch of pics ready to be posted and to save me trouble of putting them up at some 3rd party sites like Slideshare, launched their nifty li’l images-as-a-slideshow feature?

I’d been to Bengaluru and then to Mysore on a whirlwind short trip with folks and below are some of the snaps taken with my phone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’d been much more than just these pics if it were not for some dumbo (ahem…who some say was me!) had not forgotten the digicam in the back of the car as we returned from a tiring trip!

SwissCard Security Scare

I’ve always been a law-abiding and righteous citizen, with the occasional walk-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road and an lone traffic accident as the only blemishes against my name. But the past week, was nearly hauled off to the gaol as a potential airplane attacker!

For a family emergency, I opted to fly SpiceJet to Visakhapatnam and since it was an impromptu journey, packed whatever little I could muster into a rarely-used haversack and scooted off to the RGIA, Shamshabad (will write about my first visit to the world-class airport some other day). At the security check, I dropped off my bag and other sundry belongings on to the trolley and after being frisked, was awaiting at the other end waiting to collect the bag…which never arrived!

Two security personnel came along and holding my bag aloft, asked aloud whose bag it was. I admitted it was mine and to my utter surprise, was called aside and in a melodramatic style, was asked to explain why I was carrying a knife & scissors in my baggage! I was flabbergasted since I definitely did not pack any cutlery or stationery into my bag and vehemently denied that I had done so. They said the scanner had showed a small-ish pocket knife & scissors in the bag…something that was part of a SwissCard. Something clicked at the back of my mind…me getting one such SwissCard for free with some cosmetics but couldn’t fathom why it had found its way into this bag. I ransacked the er…haversack and lo! there nestled in one of the side pocket was the offending SwissCard, a small pen-knife and mini-scissors innit!

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Photo Post: Silent Sentinels

I usually put in photos over at the PhotoBlog but there’s an exception to every rule, no? [Psst…I bribed the owner of this blog  to put this up here :mrgreen: ]

They’re about two pairs of Silent Sentinels…two non-living ones which have stood the test of time and must’ve overseen whole civilizations ebb and flow in front of them. The other two are very living ones which don’t look like they’ll withstand the test of time and have seen civilization come pretty close to encroaching their habitat! Continue reading

World’s Top 25 Train Journeys

Ho Hum! Life’s so busy that I’m having to resort to post forwarded emails’ stuff on the blog! Today’s ‘interesting’ forward was about the World’s Top 25 Train Rides.

Presenting, the Society of International Railway Travelers’ (IRT) annual list of The World’s Top 25 Trains Trips. The list is based on the experience of IRT writers, editors, members and staff, with all trains and the trips meeting stringent standards for service, accommodation, scenery, itinerary, off-train experiences and passenger enjoyment.

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Movie-watching…in a Bus!

During my recent sojourn to Bengaluru, I happened to watch two Telugu movies on the bus ride. I prefer taking the Volvo buses and they put on some decent movies during the journey. Why I’m explicitly penning down the experiences with these two movies is because whereas the first one kinda rekindled my belief/interest/faith/hope in Telugu movies, the second one nullified it all over! The first one was:


Starring Venkatesh and Trisha, this one is a feel-good wholesome entertainer movie which was quite good. Ignore the whole system-crash-in-DOS sequence and turn a deaf ear to the farty-comedy scenes and its golden! Though there were no chartbuster songs, the music was quite good. Venkatesh carries the film on his shoulders throughout and his effortless portrayal of a myriad of emotions – anger, comic, cheeky, romantic, preachy, sentimental – is a treat to watch. Trisha looks good throughout. My fav part was the one where Trisha’s younger sister (played by cutie Colours Swathi) develops a crush on Venkatesh…the sequences were too good! Watching this movie made me realize Tollywood wasn’t too bad after all…and that feeling was intact till the return journey, when I happened to watch this:

Hare Ram

Starring NTR-clan-boy Kalyan Ram (in a double role that too!), Priyamani (National Award winner) & Sindhu Tolani, this movie is as lame as it can get! Based on a wierd premise – twins, one having a dysfunctional Medulla Oblongata who kills anyone who calls him ‘dumb’, older brother included – it endlessly meanders through sibling separation, sincerity in police duty, serial killings, corrupt politicos, health mafia (!), kiss-ass media, misplaced romanticism and brotherly love before ending bizarrely in courtroom drama! Having more twists than a corkscrew and a pea-brained apology of a script, this one is what defines TRIPE! And it was not as if I could stop watching…I had seat #5, right in front of the TV 👿

Now I shall have to wait for another good flick to reaffirm my faith in Telugu flicks. Any recommendations?