We can haz Reblog! (via WordPress.com News)

Tired of copy-pasting or including a link to a blogpost you liked and wanted to share with your own readers? Ever thought of a process by which you can share some amazing content with others with just a few clicks? And not simply via, ahem, a cumbersome *Retweet* button?

Fret not. The folks at WP have extended this awesomeness into a feature called “Reblog”. This, my friends is the “Retweet” of WordPress. “Reblog”. How original, huh!

We All Like to Reblog Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog. Today we’re introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled … Read More

via WordPress.com News


How time flies!

It just feels like yesterday when I started penning some mundane thoughts on some free blog site that I happened to get hold of as I downloaded some free browser. That was exactly four years ago, to the day. Today, My Wierd Wired World completes its fourth year of existence on the blogosphere.

Four Years of

I know that I’ve not been as regular as I’d like to be and more often than not, there’re more F1 posts than any really creative or emotional stuff (is that due to the fact that I’m losing moi creativity and have voluntarily get rid of my emotions?). As usual, a big thanks to all the regular and irregular visitors and commenters who’ve been visiting this blog and keeping the counters ticking (they’re more crawling now as compared to having been fairly galloping some months ago!)

Happy Birthday to MWWW


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[Gr/Bl/W]Avatars gone trotting?

See those li’l images beside each commenter’s name? They’re called Gravatar/Blavatar/Wavatar which is WPspeak for user avatars. They are unique to each user – email id, actually – and kinda brighten up the comments around here.

While its a fact that they will be unique for each visitor/email id, for the past few days have been noticing that multiple comments have the same image displayed beside their comments! Their email id’s are different but in spite of that the same purple-y avatar is shown against each. See for yourself:

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Poll: I Got the Look?

I rarely receive any negative verbal feedback from people who’ve read my blog (well, that can mean either no one’s reading it or there isn’t any negative stuff to say about it….I prefer the latter to be true :mrgreen: ). So I was in a for a surprise when I received a rather jarring jibe about the theme of the blog! I’d changed to the rather broadsheet-like and bluish DePo Squared theme a few days back and thought that it was pretty good overall. But little did I know that it was a put-off for some of the readers…

So before I jump in and revert back to the tried n’ tested themes, I thought let’s solicit some feedback from y’all. Pliss to let me know (after the jump) which look do ya prefer to view this blog . I’ve deliberately desisted from including any er…um…negative options…I’m a sensitive soul and too much negativity can be harmful!  Continue reading

WordPress’ Inbuilt URL Shortener – WP.ME

Just noticed a feature on my WordPress.com blog that I’m not sure if it has been there before or not! The feature in question is the WordPress In-built URL ShortenerWP.ME

And no, I’m not talking about the URL shortening of the kind that WP does with blog surfer – the one where post links are given as https://ychittaranjan.wordpress.com/?p=2155, the number after p usually the Post Id.

The one I noticed was built into the edit post page wherein one can edit the permalink of an older post. There is a new button there that will generate a new shortlink for your post – one in the form of http://wp.me/p4bL-yL

Nifty, no? Here’s how you can do it too…

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New WordPress Smileys Vs. Older Ones

As mentioned in an earlier post, WordPress has changed their Smiley set. And there has been widespread criticism across the blogosphere, in some of the comments here, comments on other blogs and even on the WordPress Forums. I too was one of the early critics but it really doesn’t matter that much, does it?  Smileys are often used in informal and personal blogposts and the so-called “geeks” rarely use them.

I myself have used them on some of the posts, but the usage here pales in comparison to that on the discussion boards I frequent. Almost all of my posts are laden with these yellow characters and the one forum where I’m Admin, I constantly scour for new ones and update the database!

But there’s some good news for those who hate the newer crop of the yellow people on WordPress. Word on the Forums is that the WP team is discussing changing them and is even looking out for a smiley set that is GPL v2 compliant. So if you know of such a set (or have designed something like that), do drop in a word to WP Support.

Meanwhile, the below table shows the older WP smileys vis-a-vis the newer ones and the text required to generate’em on your posts (just remove the spaces). Continue reading

(New?) WordPress Smileys!

Is it just me or have WordPress Smileys have “upgraded” over the past few days? 😐

I noticed some brightened up smileys as I was browising through the My Comments section…and at the back-of-the-mind thought something was wrong! Took me a sec to realize what that was 😳

In any case, seriou bloggers don’t tend to use those smileys. And again there are some ppl. who can’t seem to get enough of them…so much so that almost every sentence is laden with those yellow creatures! Thankfully, I’m not one of them :mrgreen:

Oh and by the way, I’ve returned from my half-yearly vacation. Unlike in the past, this time it was just a week 😦 . More on what I’ve been upto in a later post 😎

P.S: The new-er :mrgreen: smiley’s bad! I prefer the older one!

Have EMail, Will Post!

Lemme see…

  • There’s a major system overhaul in progress and all I have on my notebook is the OS & Outlook (nope, no browsers..not even IE!) and am connected to the Web via LAN. i get this unsuppressable urge to blog. Can I do it?
  • I get gifted an iPhone! I snap up some pretty pics with it but can’t wait to show them to people. Can’t wait till I connect the phone to the notebook, transfer the pics and then post’em onto my blog. How am I gonna do that?
  • I receive an amazing email forward that just HAS TO BE SHARED with others. Sure, I can ‘forward’ the forward but it will sit in the inbox of people, idle and feeling unwanted! Best way is to post it on moi blog…but then I’ve to save the images locally, then re-upload them onto WP and write out (or copy-paste) all the text therein. Time taking and boring! Is there an easier way out?

YES! WordPress now has introduced the much-awaited and uber-useful “Post By Email” Feature….[Official Announcement] [How-to Page]

Of course, Blogger has had it for quite a while now but its good that even WP has it. Agreed, all of us have browsers and other blogging tools at our disposal (Windows Live Writer, for one) but isn’t it nice to be able to post a blog just by sending an email! Can be done from anywhere, anytime and with mobile internet being oh-so-prevalent, one doesn’t need even a PC/Notebook for that! Cool, isn’t it :mrgreen:

And yeah, this post was er…um…posted from GMail!