Hi Reader,

Using this page you can contact me! After all, that is what this page is there for πŸ˜‰

Do drop in a comment about the site, its look and feel, the post content or any other thing about this blog that you like or dislike. I have this good habit of being very polite and courteous and rest assured that all you comments will read with absolute delight and shall be replied to with total commitment. Praises will be thanked for and critiques will be analyzed and changes, as necessary, will be implemented asap.

Thank You!

NOTE: Queries about Radio Stations, How to Become a Radio Jockey, FM Radio Franchisee details et al will be ignored :mrgreen:

322 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I wanna be a RJ in Lucknow but i dun know how to apply for that.Right nw i m pursuing my B.A. first year and also Diploma in 3D animation.I m eager to know.

  2. i like to here big fm 24 hrs.. . . and i like popcorn girls

  3. Hello Mr. Chittranjan,

    You have a truly great blog here! And I see you are into blogging since ages (unlike me who is 2.5 months old).

    Yours is a very beautiful and smart blog; you have put this theme (Vigilance) to optimal use.

    You have blogrolled me, OMG! Thanks a lot; I will pay you in the same coin πŸ˜‰ the moment I submit the comment here.

    Will surely read here lots (but after November) and leave long comments too (as is my wont).

    I pray the ‘detour’ your life has taken turns out to be a blessing in disguise.


    P.S.: You know I discovered a bit of problem with this theme (despite its unparalleled brilliance). I even wrote this to the WP admin. You know nothing is perfect!

    “When you click a particular category then all posts in that category are displayed. Fine.

    Then you click on one post and it is fully displayed. Okay, as expected.

    But just where the post ends it shows the category name below the post like β€œfrom –> (category name)” and when you click on this category hyperlink it takes you to WordPress tags page with that entry!!!! 😦

    Now that’s double whammy because clicking on the tags was already taking us to WP page with that tag search!”

    • Hey Vikas,

      I agree…ur comments are almost as long as the posts themselves! And I feel quite old when you say that I’ve been blogging for ages….its been just ~3 years only!

      The ‘detour’s been good all long but now I find that I get less and less time for the stuff I used to do a lot before…blog, play, read, hang out with friends, travel etc etc. One can’t have all the fun in life 😦

      And regarding the ‘anomaly of the links’, it is not specific to this theme…across any WP theme its the same! Categories on the siderbar lead to the ‘blog’s’ categories whereas categories beneath each post lead to ‘global WP categories. CHk on Albeo (ur theme), its the same there also :mrgreen:

      • You are very young – a toddler, just three years old (I am a newborn though)!

        Glad to know the detour has been more or less good.

        Yeah! I erred big time (this is the second error I have made in last two days). In this theme it’s just below the list of the posts and kinda invites you to click it while in my theme it is very subdued and unassuming (just below the title). I often go overboard with my enthusiasm!

        Thanks for reminding the same. Will go apologize to WP admin and to Mesoliloquy too whom I had given my two cents!

  4. Dear sir madam
    the sfm is the one of the best radio station and there rj are very good i an completed my B.A final year and i like to do rj or back office in your station so please give me one chance

  5. hi can you send love guru e mail id to my email

  6. hi can you send email id of love guru

  7. I may be busy but once in a while I do visit others to at least look at the blogs!

    And I am surprised. The vigilance theme was mind-blowing compared to this! Why did you switch to this?!

    I have not read any post here in recent times. Pardon me if you have explained the theme change in any post recently.

    It’s my theme too and I am also glad anyway!

  8. This is a test comment

  9. I would like my blog get featured in your blog roll..If interested pl let me know..I will add your in my blog roll:)

  10. Hi Chittranjan,
    I see you are passionate about sports, I have begun an initiative with few of my friends to improve the level of sports content available to the Indian fan. The vision is to build a community that can thrive on analysis,debates and where experts can display their know how while rookies get more accomplished, If you would like to collaborate, please drop me a mail so that we could talk!

    • Thanks but I’ll pass. Am already part of few Sports (and other) communities and am hard-pressed to contribute to them 😦 Wouldn’t be fair on my part to join another one and be of no use!

      Thanks for asking though.

  11. hiiiiiiiiiiiii radio 93.5sfm ……………hi prateeka……………..really ur show is awesome
    ur way of speking superb yar……………….really prateek i am missing u
    how can i listen fm through internet…………
    i am trying a lot
    to listen but i am not getting…………………plz send ur email id
    prateek i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  12. Wow!! the new theme is awesome!!!

  13. Don’t know if it was done intentionally or not (a joke, perhaps), but in case it is not, I’d like to point out that “weird” is the correct way to spell the word in English.

  14. I would like 2 have the contact number of zapak gaming centre hyderabad …….

  15. can i know bubbly pratika”s id?
    mail id?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say it as fast as u can!!!!!!!!!

  16. u spelled weird wrong

  17. pl contact as we are intersted you to become sponsor for getharing of 200 persons in our society on occasionj of GANESH PUJA .Pl contact before 20th AUG

  18. Hi,

    93.5 FM through its programs keeps every one in good spirits and lively.

    BUT, i also have a complaint which you may accept or not. I am a frequent commuter passing through the Khairatabad Flyover. It makes me feed sad looking at the Flexi-board advertising 93.5 FM with the support of a child Labour. You can very well be defensive that the child in the board is not a minor, but you need to accept that giving the physical appearance no-one can rule-out it to be a child. Please protect and promote child rights instead of viceversa.

    i hope you take this mail in a good and child protection spirit.


  19. Hi SFM,

    I like the programm savi savi nenapu and Pradeep who was conducting this programm……….. My kind request you to start this program and i wanna see pradeep once and hug him once………

    If cant atleas mail me his photos plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. My id is

    Arun Fan of Red FM and pradeep πŸ™‚

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