Kaleidoscope-y Gravatars!

Dunno why but all the blank (Gr)avatars on my Blog have suddenly turned Kaleidoscopic! [Laymanspeak] Avatars or Gravatars are the small images that appear beside the commenter’s name [/Laymanspeak]. WP users will have their own avatar and others will have a gravatar based on their email id. Till now people who had neither would have shown up blank but now I see wierd kaleidoscopic images!

Kal 4 Kal 1 Kal 3 Kal 2

They sure brighten up the comments page. Especially on posts which have hundreds of blank-avatar-ed comments. And in the case of my blog, such posts are dime-a-dozen. Head over to any of the Radio posts or the Contact page and enjoy the Kaleidoscopes :mrgreen:

[Update] Seems WP has already announced it! The Default Avatar Options announcement was made earlier today which not only speaks about the new Kaleidoscopic avatars – which are called Identicons btw – but there are also Wavatars and MonsterIDs to choose from as the avatar for commenters who don’t have any. WTG WordPress!

Sankranthi Rangolis

Sankranthi is synonymous with three things – Kites, Sweets and Rangoli!

Rangoli is one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colours, and is used commonly outside homes in India. Rangoli can be wall art as well as floor art. The term rangoli is derived from words rang (colour) and aavalli (‘coloured creepers’ or ‘row of colours’). [Wikipedia]

Though I couldn’t spot any kites in the skies over my neighbourhood, I did spot some colourful rangolis. Here are some of the nicer ones:

Peacock Rangoli
A Rangoli that’s in the design of a Peacock that I spotted in my neighbourhood. Ain’t it beautiful?

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