Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi – A Classic Sitcom

During my last visit home, I’d rummaged through my Video Cassette collection (Yeah! I do happen to have quite a few video cassettes…most of them which are family heirlooms) and had found an un-labelled one. Alas, I didn’t have the VCR in proper running condition (how would it be, after the step-motherly treatment it received after the arrival of the new fangled and much snazzier Panasonic VCD player!) and the cassette’s contents remained a mystery. Until today, that is! A cousin somehow got it to run on another player and it contained two episodes of the erstwhile-aired sitcom – Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi.

Yeh Jo Hai Zidagi was a very popular sitcom that was aired on Doordarshan in the 80’s. The serial was about the fun-filled life of a married couple – Ranjit and Renu – played by Shafi Inamdar and Swaroop Sampat. Renu’s brother Raja – Rakesh Bedi – and Satish Shah were the other prominent characters in the serial. Satish Shah would play a different character every episode. I do not remember much (heck! I was four!) but am told that it aired every Friday night(?) and was immensely popular. Maybe second in popularity only to Chitrahaar or Rangoli! I’d seen the recorded shows on the cassette a few years later and they’re fresh in my memory (I’ve got a good one). One was about a sofa-cum-bed and another was a double-episode about a South Indian Arranged Marriage. The latter was rib-ticklingly funny and I’m chuckling even as I’m typing it out 😆

I hope that the Cassette may be converted into a VCD/DVD so that its mirth can be preserved longer. Of course, all the episodes ara available in VCD and DVD format over at Shemaroo’s online shopping website. I’ll grab the 4-DVD pack containing the entire season one while it is still available. Its worth every paisa of the 499 bucks that its priced at.

P.S: The title song of the serial is sung by Kishore Kumar and that too is an absolute gem. *searching for its MP3*