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Twenty20 Trophy

Its all round…the fact that India are now the World Twenty20 Champions. As soon as Sreesanth caught the final catch of the tournament to dismiss Pakistan’s Misbah-Ul-Haq and notch up India’s first major tournament victory in some years, the celebrations had started all over and even after more than half-a-day has elapsed since then, the discussions show no signs of stopping.

India beat Pakistan in the World Twenty20 final by five runs to clinch their first major trophy since 1983. Batting first, India made a respectable 157/5 before bowling out Pakistan for 152 in 19.3 overs.
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The news channels are all agog with the news and they’ve been telecasting the same clippings since yesterday night; each and everyone of the players’ relatives are being interviewed and their opinion asked for! And people seem to be not getting enough of it… the same thing was being talked about in the barber shop, at the pan dabba, at the tiffin center, in the parcel counter and even in the men’s room at Hyderabad Central!!! Anyways, good showing by the team and they have managed to overturn yet another of my predictions. I won’t at all mind losing this round of predictions!

I was wondering about the actual trophy that was presented to the Indian Team and a li’l bit of digging led me to this very interesting info – The trophy, which will be competed for by the 10 ICC Full Members plus leading Associate sides Kenya and Scotland, has the following details:
Designed by Minale Bryce Design Strategy of Queensland, Australia.

Manufactured by Amit Pabuwal in India.

Materials used: silver and rhodium.

Weight: Approximately 12kg.

Height: 57.15cm.

Width (at top): 16.5cm.

Width (at base): 13.97cm