Milestone IV

Being busy sure is dull! Stuck in the same ol’ rut called workplace and can hardly take out time for anything else! 

But yeah, the past days had some  glorious happy moments and one of them was to see My Weird Wired World notch up the 400,000 hits statistic. June 4th was when the 3 Lakh mark was touched and the gallop to 4 lakh has sure been somewhat quicker. Though not as metronomic as some other blogs, it sure is encouraging.

A big thanks to all the diligent visitors, readers, commenters and supporters. Those numbers are of you, by you, for me :mrgreen:

Milestone III

May 26th 2007 witnessed Milestone I.

December 24th 2007 witnessed Milestone II.

and I had completely overlooked the fact that on June 4th, the Wierd Wired World achieved its third major milestone of 300,000 Visitors.

Of course, the posts about Radio and Movie Reviews have been the neon lights that have attracted most of the fireflies but of late, the number of recurring visitors have been increasing. The blog saw few days wherein 900+ visits have been clocked but the thousand-hits-per-day mark is still somewhat away! I guess I have to package, sell & market the blog in a better way but I’ve always believed that content is the king and once I attain that another level of write-ups, the day of popularity is not far!

I thank all of you who’ve diligently kept coming back even though the wierdness has waned down considerably!

Updated Moi Space

I somehow stumbled upon my Windows Live! Space today. For the uninitiated, “Windows Live! Spaces” is Microsoft’s attempt at providing a Blogging & social Networking platform [look up info on Wikipedia].

I had created a space over there quite a long time ago and have never really bothered about updating it. When I visited it again today, I was put-off with the old and jaded look of it so decided to spruce things up a little bit! Unfortunately, working with Spaces on Firefox is a major PITA 👿 so I quit midway! Anyways, if you’re still interested in checking out how it looks, click on the image after the jump…

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An Idle mind…is a Photographer’s Workshop

There is a saying in Telugu that “Usiponi mangalodu pillo burra gorigedu taa” which translates as “an idle barber shaved a cat’s head” 😀 . Though my present predicament is confined only to the former part of the saying i.e. Idleness! Winter days are supposed to be short but with nothing productive to do, the days seem pretty long and umm….sorta boring!

But…not to worry! Thankfully I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination and a decent enough err…umm…Creative Genius streak within. Armed with my Sony Cyber-shot W80, I’ve been clicking many a pics all around me. A quick upload-and-review later, I realize that the subjects of my photography include Nature, People, Animals, Buildings, Vehicles and a host of other mundane objects. A torn paper, a beggar’s bowl, almost-extinct 5-paise coins, gnawed shoes, discarded furniture, broken watches, dusty cycles, leaky pipes, stained spitoons, sand barrels, burnt fuses, melted plastic, old cobwebs and what nots!!! I guess no objects are as bad so as not to be photographed :mrgreen:

But alas! I do crave for a decent photo-editing-software (like Photoshop or maybe the GIMP) that may be helpful in adding an artistic touch or two to the already good snapshots. And the bandwidth constraints here prevent me from getting those utilities and also from uploading these snaps to Picasa or Flickr for y’all to see them. Wait….and watch.


Nice to be back at home!!! Itz not been that great a hiatus so nothing’s seemingly changed much but just on the surface! Who knows what lurks around the corners….

Anyways, throwing a spanner in the works is the fact that most friends have chosen not to come here during their Winter vacations and its compounded by the awkward academic schedules of the Family’s kids n bright-heads! Their examinations (what are they supposed to be 😀 ) will end only on the last day of the year so no rollicking visits till then!

So its main aur meri television for the time being now! The English Premiere League has been hogging much of the view-space and was followed by yet another Trilogy – an oft-viewed one that too – but this time on the satellite tv!

Milestone II

Milestone I was achieved on May 26th, 2007 and less than 7 months later (2 more days to go :mrgreen: ) the second milestone has been achieved. My Wierd Wired World‘s visitor count has doubled in the short span of seven months:

200,000 Visitors

I presume that the popular radio posts as well as a multitude of reviews have played a major hand in bringing in the eyeballs. In fact, the blog recorded its best-day-ever (stats-wise) yesterday itself! The Taare Zameen Par review is to be thanked for. And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible but for the encouragement and motivation from Friends, Colleagues, Family Members and Visitors alike. A big Thank You to you all!!!

On a sidenote: Lazybug’s catching up!