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Liesure, Birthday and Television…

…are all that are keeping me occupied as my vacation stretches on. For those still in the dark, June 30th was yours truly’s Happy Birthday….though the twenty sixth one can’t be counted as a happy one since it bodes well for the quarter life crisis to take over one’s thought processes! Nevertheless, the amiable presence of family and friends did make it a happy enough occasion to forget the years of underachievements!

All of have known it by now….Spain have won the Euro 2008 by beating Germany 1-0 in the final on Sunday night. Due to an ongoing dispute between our CableOp and the MSO, we were bereft of ESPN-Star Sports telecast and hence had to make do with Doordarshan’s telecast for the Final. Thankfully enough, the commentary was from BBC or Sky Sports and hence wasn’t a complete eyesore/earsore but the pre, mid and post-match analysis purely sucked!!! Anyways, yay! to the Spaniards for shaking off their would-have-been tags and emerge victorious. Campeones La Ispana :mrgreen:

On a brighter note (from my PoV…not necessarily rosy for the aapis folks), the vacation might be prolonged for a few more days! The northern regions of Orissa have been receiving incessant rains for the past few days and hence, all rail traffic from that direction is either being suspended or diverted. My scheduled departure was on the 6th but that train has now been diverted until the 10th! And alternate accommodation isn’t available until the 8th….so I may have to start to sow the seeds of doubt in the minds of the aapis folks vis-a-vis my return. Pronto.