Hi Reader,

Using this page you can contact me! After all, that is what this page is there for 😉

Do drop in a comment about the site, its look and feel, the post content or any other thing about this blog that you like or dislike. I have this good habit of being very polite and courteous and rest assured that all you comments will read with absolute delight and shall be replied to with total commitment. Praises will be thanked for and critiques will be analyzed and changes, as necessary, will be implemented asap.

Thank You!

NOTE: Queries about Radio Stations, How to Become a Radio Jockey, FM Radio Franchisee details et al will be ignored :mrgreen:

322 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi love guru i love to bcom rj so plz tel if thre is sum vaccancy plz love guru dnt disapoint plz plz also tel me hw to mail u

  2. Hi,

    I am a graphic designer, working with Suma O’Farrell, who posted here on 8 NOV 2011. We are creating a children’s book about rangoli and would really love to use some of your photographs. Please take a look at my site: to see some of the other projects I have done. If you prefer to reply privately, my email address is: or call us: 781-646-1522.

    Many thanks for considering this request.

    Jennifer Nelson

  3. hi radio mirchi if i wanna dedicate a song on the valentines day to my gf …how shud i contact u ll plzz reply asap

  4. i need a place in ur radio city.. do help me..

  5. Why i don’t see anything other than F1 n soccer in this blog. no happenings no movie update, no food joint reviews…. 😦

  6. please visit our Thalimpu Restaurant ranjan garu

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