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Bhogi, Sankranthi & Pongal Wishes

Its Festival time again! Here’s wishing everyone a crackling Bhogi, a delightful Pongal and a cheerful Sankranthi!

Bhogi is more common up here than in Hyderabad where kite-flying is in vogue. I’ve touched upon the same information last year as well so pardon the redundancy. Also, I couldn’t find a unique greeting image for wishing you all, so I’ve put together something different…sample this:

Sankranthi SubhakankshaluSankranthi + Subhakanskhalu, Indeed! 😛

During the search, I’ve come across this nice li’l Pongal Google Logo by Balachander (I’ve mentioned about the guy’s Diwali Logo in an older post):

Google Pongal Logo


Hi There!! I'm Chittaranjan a.k.a "C" ...a happy-go-lucky-guy who is fond of the internet and food!! Am a QA Manager by day (and sometimes into the evening & night as well) and roam the corridors of the interwebs at other times. I follow Ferrari & Manchester United, so Red is obviously a favourite color. The love of blogging has been on the wane for a while though I'm still trying to rekindle that spark.....never say never, eh!

14 thoughts on “Bhogi, Sankranthi & Pongal Wishes

  1. Happy Bhogi, Pongal and Sankranti, I didnt recognise the people on the pongal posters you created, soem actors from telugu industry?

    1. @Liju: Tx and wish you the same. No kite-flying here…bonfires rule!

      @Poonam: They’re actual Telugu movie posters (meaning I didn’t create’em!). The poster on the left is of a movie titled ‘Sankranthi’ and the one on the right is of a movie titled ‘Subhakankshalu’

      I put’em together for ‘Sankranthi Subhakankshalu’ meaning ‘Sankranthi Wishes’ 😛

  2. Happy Bhogi, Pongal & Sankranti to you too! Here in Assam, we celebrate a similar festival called Bihu. So much diversity in our country! Brilliant! Hope you’re enjoying the festive times 🙂

  3. Hi chittaranjan ji,

    Really touched my heart about your innovative thinking and presenting n sharing the same, really FANTABULOUS….
    Actually from Makar Sankranthi, Uttarayana (6 months) auspicious days started so all can plan to implement their ideas.


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