Workaround for Windows Live Writer on Windows 2003 Server

Yesterday I was lamenting about my WLW Woes with Windows 2003 Server but later on I realized that I’d overlooked one crucial factor! An old adage goes that look before you leap. The modern-day equivalent of that could easily be search before you speak!!! Coz after I’d posted that, I did a bit of Googling that ultimately presented me with a work-able solution.

Thanks to Thomas and J.Lai, I came to know that the reason behind WLW not installing on Windows 2003 server was not an issue with the editor itself or MS’ purported move-over to Vista-only software but was because of a truant installer package! One can safely (and more importantly, successfully) install the WLW Beta 3 by running the MSI package [available here]. I did that and voila! here I am typing out this post in WLW Beta 3 :mrgreen:

But not before sending out a feedback from the WLW Spaces Blog and even contacting the Cust. support. And I got not one, but two replies – the first letting me know that I had an “isolated and unique” inquiry and promising to forward it to the “product specialists” and the second (probably from the hitherto mentioned specialist) informing me that “Windows 2003 Server and Vista x64 are currently not supported” and assuring me that it would be submitted as a “product feature request”. Yeah all Right!!! Tx. but No Tx. 🙄

P.S: Again…too many W’s

6 thoughts on “Workaround for Windows Live Writer on Windows 2003 Server

  1. If my posts are actually giving people the information that they need, I must be doing something right.

    I have had some problems before, and received no real help from support. It wasn’t until I turned to the users in forums that I got the help I needed. Companies need to leverage these communities more and harnass all the information they have.

  2. Hi Thomas, You’re doing wonderful.

    And yeah, forums and discussion boards are of much greater help than the support coz ‘many heads are better than one’!!!

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  5. hi sir my win2003server os problem plz my problem solve

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