Plagiarised Movies Catalog – BollyCat

A recent comment on an earlier post about ITwofs – Inspired Indian Songs catalog asked a simple Question – is there any site that chronicles Movie plagiarism? Sounded kinda silly to me initially. Because there would be hundreds or thousands of instances when a scene of a particular movie will be a ‘lift’ or an ‘inspired’ version of another. And there have been umpteen remakes of hollywood flicks or regional movies made in Bollywood! Would they be considered as plagiarised? Maybe yes…maybe not!

A little bit of searching on Google bought me to a site that claims itself to be “The chronicles of Plagiarism in India’s Bollywood Movies”. The site in question is

Excerpt: A BollyCat is an Bollywood movie that has been “inspired by” (as it’s creators would put it) by a foreign movie, which most of the time means Hollywood. Also, 99.99% of the time the original content is not mentioned “officially” and neither paid for the rights of use.

The word actually is a masala mix of the words Bollywood and Copycat.

Firstly, the site hasn’t been updated since January 2006. So one cannot expect to see most of Vikram Bhatt’s movies therein :mrgreen: and similar to ITwofs, there are contributions from readers and visitors alike. Though the origins of this site is a bit vague, reading the comments and the questions lead one to believe that it is maintained by this guy. Can’t say for sure though! Anyone with a TypeKey id can login and post comments and questions and also post about a movie that they think is inspired!

One thought on “Plagiarised Movies Catalog – BollyCat

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