LG DP771: Portable DVD Player

LG DP771

The LG DP 771 is a Portable DVD Player with a 7-Inch swivel-capable display screen, stereo sound, DivX capability and other nifty features. I got to lay my hands on this sleek n’ cool portable player at my cousin’s who’d bought it just a day before (Hope he gifts it to me :mrgreen: )

Salient features are:

  • 7 Inch Swivel Screen: Convenient swivel and flip LCD screen.
  • USB Media Host: Experience your digital music (MP3/WMA) and photo library (JPEG) with USB Media Host.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 4 hours playback with slim battery.
  • Automotive Charger: Ready for road trips with the supplied car cigarette lighter charger.
  • A/V Input & Output: Audio/Video input and output for flexibility viewing on the go.
  • Audio Performance: High fidelity audio output from stereo speakers or twin earphone jacks.

The player is in a sleek silvery-black color which looks wow! 00and the lustrous finish gives it an uber-cool look. Once opened, the base consists of the Disk Drive – which opens up as a flap towards the top – with the controls – consisting of the Menu, Setup, Navigational Wheel, Reset, Mode and other buttons – towards the right. The Unit has an LCD indicator at the front which indicates the charging, and the power, stop, play/pause buttons alongside it. The right side of the player houses the volume slider, headphone jacks (two of them), audio/video out and AC power supply jack. A solitary USB port takes up the left side of the base.


LG DP771

The top flap houses the 7-incher display screen and stereo speakers just below it on either side. The screen is a swivel i.e. one can turn the entire top flap by 180° and fold it back onto the base! The hinge is pretty solid and sturdy. The display is pretty luminous and crisp and can be adjusted according to the user and/or the viewing conditions. The speakers are just that loud enough for that group-viewing but may be woefully inadequate whilst on a train or a bus! A headphone (not provided) will be best suited. The unit also comes with a rather handy remote control which has all the functions and options laid out nicely. A feature which I quite liked was the memory function wherein scenes in the movie can be classified into 9 favourite locations to be viewed later. Something like the bookmarks feature in browsers.

The player draws its power from an AC power supply and also has a Li-Ion battery pack that can provide upto 3.5 hours of Video playback and 4 hours of Audio playback. The battery pack is located at the back and can be removed when only AC power is used (which lessens the wight considerably). I watched a few VCD’s and a DVD on it and also listened to a few MP3’s and it felt quite good. It also supports DivX format and others. It is priced at INR 12,000 but my cousin got it for as little as INR 7,000 from the Japanese market in town and I must say that its a steal!

Full Specifications are here

12 thoughts on “LG DP771: Portable DVD Player

  1. my roomie took one back home .sony dvd player . it costed him 170$ .handy thing ,on long journies especially.

  2. Cool. Can u get me the Model No.? Tx.

  3. its a really good product i just got one for $140 its light weight and works well

  4. This DVD player has a Last Scene Memory feature. Can you tell me if this feature works with auio CD’s as well as DVD’s. I am interested in getting so that I can listen to books on CD and not have to find my place again every time I turn on the machine.

  5. Well, The memory function did work with the Video CD’s and DVDs but I haven’t yet tried it out with Audio CD’s. Lemme do that and get back

  6. Hey….did you try playing Divx format files on the DVD player through USB drive? I checked a couple of sites and LG official announcement, it says DiVX not supported!

  7. nope…..never tried that 😦

  8. My player can play divx from usb stick (cruzer micro 2gb) perfectly. However, it’s got different type DP271B but it it’s very very similar with the one above. YMMV.

  9. @genesis
    Yes it does play .avi files (DivX, Xvid). To my surprise it plays .mpg files as well. All from a USB HD 😀

  10. How did you guys get it to play DivX/Xvid videos? I tried from both a USB drive -and- a CD-R. No go 😦

    • Itz out of my hands now but to be frank, I’ve never tried playing DivX files on it. But some of the other commenters do mention success with DivX files through USB.

  11. i also have LG DP271B but i’m asking where do i puchase for a automotive car changer here in philippines?

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